Version 1.1.2
Revision 329 - 2007-07-13
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved an issue in the "Postmark" preferences, where the postmark texts are not update live while typing in the text.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the Flickr details dialog where the 'description' and 'tags' text fields did not wrap the text into the new line.
feature changed [CHANGED] Changed the product activation process to make it more fault-tolerant.
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated the Posterino FAQ to reflect the new product activation process.
Version 1.1.1
Revision 324 - 2007-05-29
new feature [NEW] Added a popup menu to the postcards details dialog holding the search result if more than 1 and less than 40 hits are found. The popup also holds additional addresses a person may have.
new feature [NEW] The postcard details are displayed in the users preferred language as long as the postcard gateway is able to speak that language. Otherwise it defaults to English.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem where saving postcard documents with an empty postage stamp leads to an application crash. See report 20070426-9755-ENE, 20070510-9858-IAN.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem with the scroll arrows and in-functional scroll wheel of the template view in the Template Chooser dialog. See reports 20070410-6743-SON, 20070504-7421-SON, 20070315-2435-166 and 20070403-0861-NOS.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a localization problem with French numbers larger than 999 in the "Poster" > "Scale" dialog. See reports 20070423-1863-166, 20070405-6097-166 and 20070405-7499-166.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed wrong layout of images 16 and 24 in template 'Clusters II'. See report 20070504-5072-166.
Version 1.1
Revision 314 - 2007-04-22
feature changed [CHANGED] Some small user interface improvements and updates to the online help.
Revision 311 - 2007-04-21
feature changed [CHANGED] Updated user interface and online help to reflect the new features.
Revision 308 - 2007-04-17
new feature [NEW] Added "Keyboard Shortcuts" and "FAQ" menu items to the "Help" menu.
Revision 298 - 2007-04-14
new feature [NEW] Send real postcards right from within Posterino.
new feature [NEW] Upload images to Flickr right from within Posterino.
feature changed [CHANGED] All export and mail options are grouped in an "Export" sub menu in the "File" menu. "Create Poster" has changed into "Export" and has moved from the "Poster" menu to the "Export" sub menu in the "File" menu.
new feature [NEW] Now there are toolbar buttons for every available export operation. Choose "Customize Toolbar..." from the "View" menu to choose an individual export operation toolbar button for your toolbar.
new feature [NEW] New template 'Twisted Post'.
Version 1.0.2
Revision 284 - 2007-04-02
new feature [NEW] Added layer operations to the context menu of the document editor.
Revision 277 - 2007-03-11
new feature [NEW] New toolbar buttons 'Bring to Front' and 'Send to Back' for object layer handling. Choose "Customize Toolbar..." from the "View" menu to add the new buttons to your toolbar.
feature changed [CHANGED] Changed the implementation of the 'Backward' and 'Forward' object layer operations to focus on the visual hierarchy of objects instead of the 'physical' hierarchy.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the handling of object layers after loading a document. See report 20070225-6456-KAR.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where a single image is rendered several times on the output. See report 20070222-4081-BRI.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where shuffled images re-appear at there old position after loading a saved document.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem where images smaller than the defined thumbnail size are created with a big black border. See report 20070220-1575-KME.
new feature [NEW] You can navigate the templates in the template chooser by using the arrow keys.
feature changed [CHANGED] Choose random selection does no longer deselect the current selection.
Version 1.0.1
Revision 267 - 2007-02-05
new feature [NEW] Added new templates made for holding portrait images ("Portraits" and "Irregular II") and one for displaying an image for each day of the year ("365 Days").
Revision 264 - 2007-01-30
new feature [NEW] You now can drag and drop image files and folders onto the document window.
new feature [NEW] Added some new photo frame templates.
new feature [NEW] Added a "letter" paper size.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some additions to the online help regarding shortcuts and paper sizes.
bug fixed [FIXED] Aligned the text field of the 'Sunrise over Ulm' template with the image above.
Revision 256 - 2007-01-20
bug fixed [FIXED] The Shuffle operation now preserves the crop information of the images. See report 20061020-3972-AND.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where drag and drop operations from the first image to any other always lead to a copy See report 20061116-7693-PET.
new feature [NEW] You can end the cropping of an image by pressing the Return, Enter or Escape key.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where clicking on a selected image does not lead to an image swap or move operation.
bug fixed [FIXED] The drag and drop of images from one frame to an other now preserves the crop information of the image.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem where the used image count of the images in the image picker is not updated correctly in a copy or paste operation. See report 20070110-0526-HUG.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a bug in the "Choose random Image" operation.
bug fixed [FIXED] Added measurement unit to some values on the details panel.
new feature [NEW] Added a hint regarding custom paper sizes to the template chooser.
bug fixed [FIXED] Corrected the naming of a label of the "Panel Position" radio group (preferences: "Document Window" > "General"). See report 20070109-1238-PET.
bug fixed [FIXED] The template "Irregular I" not longer produces a blank page. See reports 20070108-2471-RIW, 20070113-3000-KOZ and 20070115-1922-MAR.
Version 1.0
Revision 247 - 2007-01-08
feature changed [CHANGED] Changed version to 1.0 final.
Revision 244 - 2007-01-07
new feature [NEW] New life poster and postcard templates.
new feature [NEW] A new online help chapter about "Altering the layout" under "Layout Options".
Revision 240 - 2007-01-06
new feature [NEW] The images used in the document are now indicated by a green badge in the top right corner of the image picker. To show or hide this feature, go to "Posterino" > "Preferences..." > "Document Window" > "Image Picker" > "Show" and toggle the "Used image count" checkbox.
new feature [NEW] Layout grids! You can show a grid in your document window and graphics objects will snap to this grid. The grid depends on the settings of the "Layout Generator" (in the "Poster" menu). You can show and hide the grid from the "View" menu. All preferences regarding the grid are under "Posterino" > "Preferences..." > "Image Handling" > "Grid".
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed some inconsistencies in international number formating in some edit fields. See report 20060901-5669-RAN.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem with text objects. See report 20061215-1778-DAN, 20061115-7667-PET.
new feature [NEW] You can specify a short descriptive text when creating a new template.
new feature [NEW] The template chooser now shows an image visualizing the placement of photos on the document and a short descriptive text about the template.
new feature [NEW] A new operation to scale you current document to some arbitrary size and resolution. See "Poster" > "Scale...".
new feature [NEW] New template chooser featuring the template categories.
new feature [NEW] Added context menu to the poster editor to manipulate image and frame settings. Or you can reveal the selected images in the Finder or open them in an external editor.
new feature [NEW] You can switch on graphic object tool tips to display information about the used image. If available, file name, date, comment, rating and image paths are displayed. See "View" > "Object Tool Tip".
new feature [NEW] You can define the image picker sort oder under 'Posterino' > 'Preferences...' > 'Document Window' > 'Image Picker'. You can sort the images by pre-defined (iPhoto or Aperture) order, date, comment, file name or rating.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed an issue where the "needs rending" state of a saved document was not updated correctly.
new feature [NEW] If you hold down the Shift key while rotating an image or a frame, the rotation will stop at 45 degree segments.
new feature [NEW] Relocate images from iPhoto and Aperture used in a document if the image library has moved to a new user account.
Version 1.0 beta 8
Revision 209 - 2006-12-08
new feature [NEW] The template chooser now remembers the last used template.
new feature [NEW] Added a postcard paper size for printing.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a problem where you could not create additional graphic objects once the document has been saved.
Revision 201 - 2006-12-03
new feature [NEW] Support for Aperture 1.5. You can use your Aperture images right from within Posterino now.
new feature [NEW] You can specify the email application to send postcards with. See "Postcards" on the "General" preferences panel.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a date sorting problem of file system images in the Image Picker.
Version 1.0 beta 7
Revision 194 - 2006-11-27
new feature [NEW] If you choose to mail you poster you now can specify the quality of the image to be send.
Revision 190 - 2006-11-21
new feature [NEW] Improved rendering process feedback.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a problem where Posterino did not display images referenced by an alias. This was for example the case, if you set the iPhoto preference checkbox "Copy files to iPhoto Library folder when adding to library" to false (under "iPhoto" > "Preferences..." > "Advanced"). See report 20060918-5003-MBI, 20061030-9485-SRA.
bug fixed [FIXED] The image picker slider is now automatically hidden if there are only a few images in the picker.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed the bug that caused pixel residue to show up while manipulating image bounds, moving frames or selecting images in a poster. See reports 20060914-6496-SON, 20061009-2262-FBL and 20061021-8629-DRA.
bug fixed [FIXED] Changed the title of the 'Compression' label to 'Quality' to align this with the settings in the create template dialog. See report 20061115-7374-PET.
new feature [NEW] A new sheet is shown after the poster has been rendered to let the user choose what to do with the rendered document. The options are 'Send to iPhoto', 'Save to Disk' and 'Send via Mail'.
bug fixed [FIXED] The installation of a license now results in a re-rendering of your document to immediately remove the demo message. No restart necessary anymore.
Revision 172 - 2006-11-06
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed an issue that rendered the poster or postcard empty.
Version 1.0 beta 6
Revision 169 - 2006-11-06
new feature [NEW] Added new chapters on image placement and layout options to the online help.
feature changed [CHANGED] Ensured that the images in the image picker are sorted by date.
feature changed [CHANGED] The details panel now shows all tabs and does not hide the unused ones.
feature changed [CHANGED] The 'Welcome' window does not automatically become the key view any more. This way the main window does not lose its focus when the 'Welcome' window shows up.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved a couple of minor user interface problems.
Revision 157 - 2006-10-29
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved an issue where images from a folder on disk where distorted or had aspect ratio inconsistencies. See reports 20061023-7620-ADA, 20061023-0271-PUB and 20061020-5270-JOH.
Version 1.0 beta 5
Revision 147 - 2006-10-19
new feature [NEW] The first sketch of an online help system is made. We have got a "life poster" and "postcard" tutorial and some pages about image import.
new feature [NEW] You can use the new "Tell a Friend" command in the "Help" menu to easily setup an email message to spread the word about Posterino.
feature changed [CHANGED] "Help" > "Posterino Help" will now open the local help viewer instead of a web page.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed a couple of minor user interface problems. See report 20061006-2168-FBL, 20061009-2197-FBL.
Revision 142 - 2006-10-06
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed the problem where the template chooser was displayed on top of an existing document file. See report 20061005-1222-HEN.
feature changed [CHANGED] Speed improvements in rendering JPG thumbnails.
Revision 138 - 2006-10-03
feature changed [CHANGED] Much improved image browser. The current release should address the known problems with iPhoto.
new feature [NEW] You can now import images from file system folders. See "Import Folder..." in the "File" menu.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed problem where a corrupted image spoiled the Posterino image picker.
Version 1.0 beta 4
Revision 129 - 2006-09-17
new feature [NEW] Start of public beta.
Revision 126 - 2006-09-16
new feature [NEW] You can switch postmarks on and off using a checkbox on the "Postmark" preferences panel.
feature changed [CHANGED] Major improvements in text handling.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the display speed and rendering of the thumbnail images in a document. Better image quality in subsequent zoom levels. Rendering of preview thumbnails reduced to a minimum of visible images.
feature changed [CHANGED] Improved the zoom in and zoom out behavior.
feature changed [CHANGED] The zoom in and out operations now have a defined stop point. You can't zoom into infinity any more.
bug fixed [FIXED] Small images are now scaled up in the rendering process if they are smaller as the frame they are in. See report 20060830-6574-RAY.
feature changed [CHANGED] Changed the text of the "Render" toolbar button and menu item into "Create Poster".
feature changed [CHANGED] The first document window created is now positioned in the golden middle of the main screen. All subsequent windows are staggered.
feature changed [CHANGED] A couple of improvements in the overall editor behavior.
feature changed [CHANGED] Various minor user interface improvements.
Revision 121 - 2006-09-13
bug fixed [FIXED] "Choose random Selection" in the "Images" menu now works properly again.
Version 1.0 beta 3
Revision 116 - 2006-09-12
new feature [NEW] Postcards are now stamped with postmarks! See the "Postmark" preferences panel for configuration options.
new feature [NEW] Postage stamp and postmark position and rotation are slightly varied by random. You can control the range of variation with a slider on the "General" preferences panel.
feature changed [CHANGED] Removed the "Layout" details panel and made it into a "Layout Generator" available via the "Layout Generator..." menu item in the "Poster" menu.
new feature [NEW] You can now open a document file right form the template chooser by clicking on the "Open Existing File..." button.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the paper size and orientation weirdness in the template chooser. See report 20060901-1638-RAN.
bug fixed [FIXED] Improved the template sort order. See report 20060904-0713-RAN.
bug fixed [FIXED] The postage stamp border is now rendered in higher quality. No black artifacts anymore.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface improvements.
Revision 110 - 2006-08-31
new feature [NEW] New paper sizes in "Inches". See report 20060828-3850-RAN.
new feature [NEW] You now may specify the paper orientation (portrait, landscape) right in the template chooser.
feature changed [CHANGED] The abstract paper size "Poster" will now default to 20 x 30 inches if the locale dependent system preferences are set to "Inches" / "English". Otherwise the defaults paper size will be a metric A2.
feature changed [CHANGED] The templates have been updated to reflect the changes in the available paper sizes.
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the problem where the attempt to scale a postcard to an other paper sizes than "Postcard" results in a crash. See report 20060825-9102-RAN.
feature changed [CHANGED] Some minor user interface improvements and corrections. For example, the template chooser now displays the dimensions of the selected paper size and the corresponding measurement unit. The templates are now sorted by category and name. See reports 20060829-5202-FBL, 20060828-3779-RAN, 20060828-3815-RAN, 20060829-6052-FBL, 20060829-6131-FBL and 20060829-6161-FBL.
Revision 108 - 2006-08-24
bug fixed [FIXED] Solved the problem where changes on text objects did not get saved to the document file. See report 20060821-5904-FLE.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed the problem where a new document with an open template sheet stopped the application from restarting after a new application version was installed by the automatic software update. See report 20060821-8553-CHR.
bug fixed [FIXED] Fixed some minor user interface issues like spelling errors and misplaced dialog elements.
Version 1.0 beta 2
Revision 106 - 2006-08-21
feature changed Start of semi-public beta.