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Beta » Posterino 3.0


The new features you’ll be the first to try:

  • Improved workflow throughout: Adding, removing or creating image objects now results in an instant re-layout of your document.
  • New and improved content: Expect new templates, new frames, new backgrounds and more. For example, you can now add individual text captions to any image on your document.
  • New layout options: We advanced the existing templates to include a "Circular” option and added Grid Lines to ease manual image placement.
  • Automatic styling: The look of your images can now be changed and aligned automatically.
  • A whole new crop editor: The enhanced version improves crop workflow and creates a persistent crop state.
  • We added a bunch of new sharing services: Post on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Send your creation as Message or via AirDrop.
  • A sleek new user interface: The redesigned interface has a larger workspace, especially handy if you are working on a MacBook.
  • Posterino is now sandboxed and supports Retina display.
  • Additional requested improvements: We implemented a large number of popular user requests, resulting in a myriad of large and small improvements in many areas of the application.


Take a look at some screenshots or sample templates of Posterino 3.0 to see for yourself.



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Beta software is unfinished. It can be crashy and weird, and we'll need you to send us detailed reports about the weird stuff. Don't sign-up unless you're comfortable running beta software. Serious folks with backed-up hard drives only!

You must run OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" or later to participate in this beta program!

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