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Posterino 3
  • Single-User


    Install Posterino on your desktop and laptop Mac.

    Posterino 128x128

  • Household


    Install Posterino on all your family Macs.

    Posterino 128x128

OS X 10.9+ or OS X 10.10+ required!

Upgrading from Posterino 1 or 2?

If you are looking for the pricing to upgrade from Posterino 1 or 2 to Posterino 3, look no further, currently the regular version is sold at the price of the upgrade!

So, if you like to upgrade from Posterino 1 or 2 to Posterino 3, just choose one of the options above. And if you like to purchase a regular license, just do the same ;)

Looking for a Posterino 1 or 2 license?

Our licenses are backward compatible. Just purchase a current Posterino 3 license and use it with the latest Posterino 2 or Posterino 1. And if you upgrade to a newer Posterino someday in the future you are already golden ;)

If you are looking for a company or site license, please contact us.

By buying one of our products you agree to the terms of the product license agreement.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.