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OS X 10.6+ or 10.7+ or 10.8+ Required

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Why can't I purchase Posterino 2.x from Mac App Store (any more)?

On October 01, 2014 we removed the 2.x version of Posterino from the Mac App Store sale, since a paid upgrade of Posterino is coming and we didn’t feel that we could recommend purchasing the v2 app any more. Especially since there is no way for us to upgrade Mac App Store customers who purchased Posterino within the “grace period” to a free v3 license.

If you like to purchase Posterino right away, please purchase via our store. All purchases of a Posterino v2 license on and after October 01, 2014 will automatically receive a free Posterino v3 license.

If you did purchase Posterino on the Mac App Store and like to re-install or download it again, please have a look at our blog post How do I (re-)install Posterino using Mac App Store? for details.

Also, we can and will create maintenance updates for Posterino 2.x. And even an app in "not on sale" mode on the Mac App Store can receive those updates.

Posterino 1.x does not startup under OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7+.

Some users have experienced a startup problem of Posterino 1.x under OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7+. The application icon is jumping in the Dock of the Finder but the application never finishes the startup process.

If you are running OS X 10.6.8 or 10.7+ please visit our Downloads Archive and download and install Posterino 1.6.4. In case you are running OS X 10.5.x please stay with Posterino 1.6.3 from the archive.


How do I get my poster printed?

You have several options to print your poster:

  • iPhoto You can use the Kodak print service build into iPhoto. However, maximal paper sizes supported by the Kodak print service is differ from country to country. To get your poster size right, make sure to check this first.
  • Internet based Services Use one of various internet base print services. The possibilities are endless. For example, it may be possible that you can print your images right from your account.
  • Local Printshop Put your poster image on a memory stick or burn it to a CD and let your local printshop print your poster.

In general you are free to use any print service you like.

What is the maximal poster size?

In the current version, Posterino uses your computers system memory to render the poster. In general, paper sizes of A1 or 30"x20" are no problem. If you need something larger, have a look at Changing the paper size under Layout Options in the online help.

However paper sizes of e.g. 50" x 100 feet are currently FAR out of the reach of Posterino.

Trouble Shooting

Why does a rendered document looks blurry when printed?

A document that looks good on screen and blurry when printed is in most cases the result of the wrong resolution (DPI) chosen for the document. A document made for printing needs at least 200 DPI to look good.

The reason for this problem may be that...

  • ... the resolution (DPI) of the document is to low.
  • ... the chosen paper size is smaller than the size of the document printed.
  • ... the preview images generated by Aperture are to small (if you are using Aperture).

To solve the problem:

  • Choose the Page Details command from the View menu to inspect the settings of your current document. Have a look at the document Resolution listed among the details. Is this what you expected?
  • If necessary, change the resolution of your current document using the Scale... command from the Poster menu.
  • Make sure to choose the right Paper Size while you create a new document from a template. To create customized paper sizes, have a look at the Paper Size preferences (under Posterino > Preferences...).
Why does an Aperture project not show up in the Posterino Image Picker?

Please have a look at How do I ensure that my Aperture images are displayed in the image browser? in the Posterino online help for a detailed discussion of this topic.

Why does a postcard document gets no postmark when emailed?

The reason for this problem may be that...

  • ... your document needs a postage stamp object.
  • ... postmarking preferences are switched off.

To solve the problem:

  • Add a postage stamp object to your document.
  • Go to Posterino > Preferences... > Postmark and check the Stamp postcards with this postmark option.

License & Activation

These topics are not relevant if you purchased Posterino on the Mac App Store!

How do I activate Posterino?

To activate Posterino:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Posterino.
  2. Start Posterino
  3. Choose Register Posterino... from the Posterino menu to open the license dialog:
    Posterino menu
    License menu command
    The license dialog
  4. Press the Activate... button. A sheet will appear holding edit fields for your e-mail address and the activation code:
    The empty activation sheet
  5. Enter the e-mail address you used to purchase Posterino and your activation code into the edit field exactly as it is shown in your license mail without any additional symbols:
    Activation code entered
  6. Press the Activate button. Posterino will now download and install your license. You need access to the internet to activate Posterino.

If you should have problems activating Posterino please contact us.

How do I retrieve a lost license?

To retrieve a lost license go to our support page and use the Lost Your License? form.

Posterino claims: "This is no Posterino 2 activation code!"

In case Posterino claims, that "This is no Posterino 2 activation code!", you probably tried your existing Posterino 1 activation key on Posterino 2.

Posterino 2 is a major upgrade. So your current Posterino 1 activation key won't work!

To get an idea of your upgrade options, please have a look at our store.

Or, to use the latest 1.x version, please visit our downloads archive.

I did not receive my license, what next?

In 99.9% of all circumstances we did sent out your license. Really. So please proceed as follows:

  1. Check your spam filter for mail from and a subject line like Posterino License for...
  2. If you can't find your license in the spam filter, go to our support page and use the Lost Your License? form to re-send your license.
  3. If you did not receive the re-send license either, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.
  4. If it appears as if we don't reply on your request, please consider using an alternative e-mail address. Bouncing mail happens far more often than you may think ;-)
How do I get rid of the "Posterino Demo" watermark?

The words 'Posterino Demo' are inscribed in large friendly red letters on top of your rendered image. To get rid of this simply follow these steps:

  1. Buy a Posterino license.
  2. Make sure your Posterino license is properly installed. To do this, alternatively activate Posterino using your activation code or install your license file.
How do I install a Posterino license file?

Installing the license file by hand is an alternative approach to downloading the license file using the product activation method described above. You need a Posterino license file for this task (a file ending in .policense).

To install your Posterino license:

  1. Start Posterino
  2. Choose License... from the Posterino menu to open the license dialog:
    The license dialog
  3. Drop your license file onto the dialog:
    Drop license file on license dialog
Where is my license file?

Your license is placed in this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/Posterino/

The '~' character denotes your home folder.

General Questions

Why the name 'Posterino'?

The name derives from this simple equation:

Equation Revealed

How do I move Posterino to a new OS or a different Mac?

To preserve your templates and preferences, you need to copy the following file and folder:

  • Prefs: ~/Library/Preferences/com.zykloid.Posterino.plist
  • Data: ~/Library/Application Support/Posterino/

The '~' character denotes your home folder.

Is there a MS Windows version of Posterino?

No. And currently we have no plans to create a version for MS Windows.

OS X 10.6+ or 10.7+ or 10.8+ Required

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